Friday, May 13, 2005

The Weekend

What is it about the end of the week that causes everyone to feel the great need to go out and do something? I, for one, experience this urge by about Wednesdays lately!! School's just getting old, and I think we're ALL ready for some time off!! The problem with wanting to go out and do something on Friday nights is that we can never think of anything to go out and DO!! I personally am TOTALLY broke, and this is the case for most of my friends. What exactly is there out there that we can do without spending a whole lot of money?? The weather isn't supposed to be nice, so we can't really plan on doing anything outside. Inside, however, there isn't really that much to do that's free!! Bowling is a good $10, same with laser tag. We don't normally go to movies, and even if we did those cost money too. PARTY partying isn't really an option at all, so that's out. What else can a bunch of 15 and 16 year olds do that's cheap and legal? Let me know if you have any ideas!!


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