Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Reasonably Good Time

Yes, me and my friends DID manage to find something to do last night. We went to Spaans' house and the guyz played bball in the pouring rain, then we went inside and played pool and playstation. A ltl b4 6 we left for B-dubs (aka BW's aka Buffalo Wild Wings) to watch the Pistons/Pacers game. We BARELY got a table!! Since we had over an hour before the 7 o'clock game we played BS for awhile...VD was the only one who could RLY tell if i was BS-ing:-) The first 3 quarters were disgraceful, but the last 4 minutes of the game made up for it...the pistons ended up losing, but at least the whole game wasn't boring!! We did have to spend money, but since I had $2 to my name, i do owe ppl money now. Supper wasn't too bad, the wings were a ltl lacking in meat though. All in all it was a fun comes the question of WHAT DO WE DO NEXT WEEK???

That being said, today I went shopping with my mom and sisters. Suffice it to say that although shopping with mom has its benefits in that SHE buys stuff, shopping with friends is FAR more enjoyable!! I got a purse to go with my banquet dress...i found shoes that i LOVED, but sadly $70 is out of my price range!!

This is turning into one of those boring journal things that no1 rly cares about....i've GOT to think of some better topics of dicussion!!!


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