Monday, May 16, 2005

Friends from Abroad

Reading Scarlett's post reminded me of when the Miskins first came to Grand Rapids. Our class was exited but apprehensive, not sure what to expect of someone from South Africa, a place virtually unknown to us. My first impression was oh, ok...and not much beyond that!! I do remember saying to someone OH MY GOODNESS, i LOVE his accent...still do actually:-) As far as the strange questions, i don't really remember anyone asking Gordon weird stuff, but you nvr know with the guys. I remember him giving a speech in Geography, saying that in south africa, people did NOT run around in leopard print bikinis eating animal bones, or something to that affect. It was at that speech i think i really gave Gordon more than a passing glance, thinking hmm, that was pretty cool, i wonder what he's like. I also remember more recently him telling us about the scar on his hand. He said he was stabbed back in South Africa by someone who was trying to rob him, but he fought the man off. Keep in mind that Gordon is a master story teller, and I ALMOST believed him!! Gordon has been a good friend of mine, even though we've drifted apart. The Miskin family is one that will long stay in our memories here in Grand Rapids, even if and when someday they aren't here with us anymore.


Blogger scarlatti said...

hey erika, im touched that u read my blog... and i like what you had to say about good ol' us. sorry if we lied to you too much!

4:19 PM, May 17, 2005  

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