Friday, July 28, 2006

Senior Pix

I got my senior pictures taken at Harley Photography about a week and a half ago. Mostly for Gordon and Scarlett they're up online at Go there, then click on the Web Albums. Now enter my event code, which is 33915W208662. Click on the blue link that says "sign in now". My address is and you should be able to see them until August 10, when they take 'em down.


Blogger eChuckler said...

Dude... You were like three minutes away from my house! You should have stopped in and said "hi". But you didn't. And now, you'll have to live with that emotional pain and regret for the rest of your life. I hope you're happy with yourself. Because I am not! How rude is it not to come in and say hi when you are in the neighborhood? Almost as annoying as not using paragraphs, or having long, rambling sentances for the purpose of having one really annoying comment. But no, you didn't come in. You went, had your pictures taken at Wedgewood Park, and went back home. Or to the mall. Or Meijer. Or anywhere but to say hi to Chuck. Who leaves comments on your blog. Who did a podcast with you. Instead, you chose to leave detailed instructions on your blog so people can see all these pictures of you. They are great pictures, but do they bring joy to my face? NO. Why? Because I know that you were there, but didn't even think to say hi to Chuck. Nope. Probably not even once! So forgive my purposefully long, mellow-dramatic post here. But I wanted to be funny, er, to make a point! And I will not let it go unnoticed. Period. End of story, er, sentance. Paragraph. Pamplet. Short story. Book. Authobiography. Period piece. Comment. However you classify this. It's OVER! This comment is.

5:30 PM, July 31, 2006  
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