Monday, July 03, 2006

When There Was Me and You

It's funny when you find yourself
Looking from the outside
I'm standing here but all I want
Is to be over there
Why did I let myself believe
Miracles could happen
Cause now I have to pretend
That I don't really care

I thought you were my fairytale
A dream when I'm not sleeping
A wish upon a star
Thats coming true
But everybody else could tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
When there was me and you

I swore I knew the melody
That I heard you singing
And when you smiled
You made me feel
Like I could sing along
But then you went and changed the words
Now my heart is empty
I'm only left with used-to-be's
Once upon a song

Now I know your not a fairytale
And dreams were meant for sleeping
And wishes on a star
Just don't come true
Cause now even I tell
That I confused my feelings with the truth
Cause I liked the view
When there was me and you

I can't believe that
I could be so blind
It's like you were floating
While I was falling
And I didn't mind

Cause I liked the view
Thought you felt it too
When there was me and you


Anonymous $Jewel$ said...

Sounds like a song for the brokenhearted

4:16 PM, July 03, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

High school musical!

1:16 PM, July 04, 2006  
Blogger scarlatti said...

what prompted this one? and dont you like me blog anymore???

9:11 AM, July 07, 2006  
Blogger The Celloist said...

*sniff* Touching...

8:48 PM, July 07, 2006  
Blogger eChuckler said...

Hearts break and heal. But oyster shells are eternal!

10:58 PM, July 07, 2006  
Blogger scarlatti said...

thats a sad post/song... i dont know why you posted it, but if you're unhappy, im sure you'll be fine... :D. i'll be there to help ya if you need it...:D

9:10 AM, July 08, 2006  
Blogger Erika said...

Jewel, 'tis quite appropriate for me.

Anon, GOOD movie!! I LOVED it...its so cute!!

Scarlett, some reasons are better left unsaid, hows that. And I AM ok most of the time, so have no fears. and I DO still love your blog u fruitcake!!

JUST what I was going for
celloist, lol.


10:45 AM, July 08, 2006  
Blogger eChuckler said...

Have you ever heard of a oyster shell dying, Erika?

(That deleted comment was me... I had an unforgivable spelling error!)

2:57 PM, July 09, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know,it's a awesome movie!I like'we're all in this togather'best.

3:21 PM, July 10, 2006  
Blogger Erika said...

can't say I have chuck, but can't say i've heard of one LIVING, either!!

Anon, GET A BLOODY NAME!! *ahem* sorry for yelling. anyway, i like the Breaking Free song best, but the one i posted is def. the most personal for me!!

9:35 PM, July 10, 2006  
Blogger eChuckler said...

So then are oytsers the undead?

10:16 AM, July 12, 2006  

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