Monday, October 30, 2006

Lo Siento

Did anyone miss me? I'm not sure how I got so busy, as it is i need to go rite now!! September and October posts will go up...sometime. Steve started a blog,, its hilarious. FYI, make SURE you remember the blogspot part when you type it in!! Out leaf raking for OCC, doing pretty well so far. also filling out scholarship and college apps...not fun. i'll put up a real post ASAP, i swear.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Personality Type

According to recent Bible 12 reading, my personality type is most closely choleric...i think i'm remembering that word correctly. Anyway, apparently my personality type tends to be the doer person. a choleric person sees a goal and will do whatever it takes to accomplish it. they don't no for an answer. since we aren't detail people, we tend to not think of any obstacles that might make the goal more difficult to reach. cholerics usually have a bazillion things going on in their heads and often are involved in as many things in life. they have a lot of nervous energy and have the strong desire to always be doing something. being so driven makes choleric people leaders, rarely are they followers. choleric people like being in charge and aren't very good at taking orders from other people. they like things done their own way. Choleric people tend to get irritated or angry easily at people who can't do things that they are asked to accomplish. They aren't always very good at being empathetic, either.

Obviously such a personality has its advantages and disadvantages. Personally, everyone in the class started cracking up upon reading the description, claiming it, for the most part, fit me to a tee. I am definently very goal oriented, and I'm notorious for being involved in everything, most often in charge of it. My mom all too often reminds me that i'm not a "details person", which is true, but when i'm in charge i'm usually able to at least think ahead enough to make sure stuff runs relatively smoothly. I definitely HATE being bossed around (lol Amos). Paula Lou helps me try to be less calm...sometimes she succeeds, lol. I do tend to get irritated easily, but usually I forget i'm mad just as easily. Depending on the situation, I can be sympathetic. I've been "counseler" to a whole bunch of people at one time or another. I guess the moral of the story is its good that i'm a leader, but maybe I could work on being less bossy and more easy to work with:-)