Monday, October 31, 2005


So if I go this way, and you go that way, and we both go the other way, we'll end up going in opposite directions!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005


Doug's cancer counts were REALLY good, far better than the doctors hoped for after the initial chemo. Also, in an incredibly wonderful answer to prayers, two of his sisters, Briana and Christie, were found to be matches for a bone marrow transplant. They were going through more testing to see who was closer last I heard. The BMT will be coming up in a few weeks probably. As always, keep the Timmers in your prayers!!

Scarlett was saying I very much needed to update, but I find I have nothing much else to say. I have a does 3/4 of PCS I'm pretty sure. Pete's learning to play that Photograph song by Nickleback for me. I volunteered at the Children's Hospital tonight. I started my job at Forest Hills Foods...I bag and carryout. Not that you guys care about any of that stuff.

I wish I could rewind some of the great memories I have over again. Wouldn't that be awesome? All the pictures I take help relive memories, but its not the same as being there.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Advice and Such

It turns out that people I'd never have thought would end up at my blog have ended up here recently. To say I was quite surprised was putting it mildly. Welcome to Jon, Bri, Phil, Jen, Kim, and all the other people who apparently found my blog through either Daryl or Drew's blog. If you people come again it would be quite nice if you left me a comment. If you do it by anonymous or other, you don't have to get your own blog. Also, who is this blogger that won't sign his or her name?? It's really bothering me!! Do I even know you?? It would be ideal if you would say who you are.

Since my Have Good Dreams post below, I've heard many an idea of what I should do. Some of the ideas are ok...most are somewhat destructive to myself. My dear friend Scarlett offered to just kill me. That way I wouldn't have to worry about dreaming. The anon blogger suggested I get professional help...or go to Not quite sure I'm THAT desperate yet thankfully. Another friend, Jon, said I should hit myself over the head with a hammer. Then I'd get amnesia and not remember the guy, so I wouldn't dream about him. Jon even offered to hit me himself...Jon's nice that way. Jenny, thankfully, said that she wouldn't advise the hammer idea. Good thing she has more common sense!! She, along with the rest of the normal people out there, said I should just try to forget...and give myself time. Sounds reasonable and logical to me, even if it's not really happening right now.

On another note, I did dream about him again last night. Saying that makes me sound like a psychotic stalker...I promise I'm not. As I said before, I CAN'T HELP WHO I DREAM ABOUT!! Maybe I should try the hammer idea!!

I went hayriding and campfiring last night at Kamps house. It was a good time. There weren't that many people from my class there, but tons of last years seniors were. It was SO awesome to see them all again. We had a hayfight, and I was itchy for the rest of the night from it!! Hopefully Jon has forgiven me by now for stuffing him:-) The campfire was nice and warm, though the night itself was freezing. I ended up leaving a bit late, as I was talking and got carried away. THEN I turned down what I thought would take me to the highway, and ended up on a bike path or something. A U-turn later I was back where I was supposed to be. I made it home only a FEW minutes late.

Jon and Bri, I found your comment way down below. I DO use my time for other stuff!! Blogging is just a whole bunch of fun. It usually happens at about 10:30 at night when I should be going to bed!! So there:-)

This past week Tuesday we at PCS found out that Doug, or Student Council VP and friend to many, had a relapse in his leukemia. He's been having chemo since then, and his siblings have been tested for a bone marrow match. Please keep Doug and the rest of the Timmer family in your prayers right now!!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Have Good Dreams

I dreamed about him last night. I keep dreaming about him over and over again. Last month it was for a week straight!! Why can't I get him out of my head? Why is it so hard to get over a guy??

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Gordon's birthday is October 12...tomorrow!! Be sure to send him your best wishes!!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

THIS Is How It Started!!

I'm How do I deal with out you? and Scarlett is miskin in the morning.

miskin in the morning says:
coz that hurts so badly
How do I deal without you? says:
tell me about it. we could SO start a club
miskin in the morning says:
we should
How do I deal without you? says:
i'll bet we'd have lots of members
miskin in the morning says:
like me
How do I deal without you? says:
and me

miskin in the morning says:
and um abby
How do I deal without you? says:
and...chris n greg n alllllllllllll sorts of ppl
miskin in the morning says:
miskin in the morning says:
chris who?
How do I deal without you? says:
miskin in the morning says:
How do I deal without you? says:
mhmm.....and stuff. if we charged money (which we'd 4sure get cuz we're the original members) we'd be SO rich!!
miskin in the morning says:
miskin in the morning says:
the love life losers club
How do I deal without you? says:
or the Triple L's for short
miskin in the morning says:
good one
How do I deal without you? says:
see, we can SO make lemonade
miskin in the morning says:
How do I deal without you? says: sux
miskin in the morning says:
miskin in the morning says:
no kidd
How do I deal without you? says:
maybe i shall write a post about it...see who we can recruit
miskin in the morning says:
good idea
miskin in the morning says:
and mention me as the cofounder

And so it started, the Triple L club. Contrary to what Scarlett says, this conversation, which took place on September 12, tells the truth.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


  • Race For the Cure went really well!! We had a 45 person team, and I was really happy with everyone who participated!!
  • The next major project is Operation Christmas Child. For anyone who doesn't know what that is, you pack shoeboxes full of small gifts, toiletries, and whatever else you want and they get shipped to poverty stricken countries all over the world. The mission is through Samaritan's Purse and is a GREAT project to be involved in. I'm collecting donations and shoeboxes. If you have any boxes floating around SAVE THEM!! If you're friends of John and Pete give 'em 2 them who can give 'em 2 either me or to the Miskins who could give them to me.
  • The Triple L club is coming along nicely. Several have expressed an interest in joining, and I believe we shall have an IM meeting sometime soon. I shall keep you updated.
  • There are several new bloggers, please make them feel welcome.
  • John helped me get a profile picture. Now I have a face.
  • Once there was a girl who stayed up past her bedtime and did very poorly in school the next day. That girl is going to be me. Wish me luck!!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Triple L Club

Triple L...I can't remember what the third L stands for, but the first two are losers and love. Yes my dear people, the club is called the Losers at Love Club. A bit of history is in order. Scarlett, my co-founder, and I were on IM one dark and lonely night. We were discussing the tragical happening of when you like someone and they don't like you back. Also discussed was how hard it is to get over someone you REALLY like. Contrary to common belief, tragical IS in fact a word, and is used in the above context.

We hashed this out, and realized that we couldn't possibly be the only ones in this situation. Immediately a few names came to my mind, and hers as well if I'm not mistaken. With this realization came the idea for our club. This club will be open to everyone who would like to join. All you must do is pay our modest entry fee and tell us your truly tragical story. If you must, you are welcome to obscure names as necessary.

Our bright idea may fall under the yenta category in some eyes, but it really is the exact opposite of yenta izing. We are trying to help the poor people who are in tragical circumstances to work through it with support. Obviously support is VERY important in these cases. Our song shall be Siberia, with the key line being "'cause it's all so dark and mysterious/when the one you want doesn't want you too". We will all work together to talk about whatever need talking about and try to encourage each other to move on...or at least get a start on it.

We know that many will be able to join the club, as all of us have gotten our hearts broken at some point or another in our lives. Several friends have already been informed of the formation of the Triple L Club and have expressed interest in joining. We welcome you with open arms. Join today!!