Friday, May 27, 2005

One More Day...

I can't BELIEVE it...banquet, looong awaited and anticipated, is in less than 24 hours!!! It seemed like 4EVER ago that i got asked, and i thought i'd never be able 2 wait a whole month....n now its HERE!! I hafta stay at skool all day 2morrow since i'm only a sophmore, not a jr or sr...i'm na hafta get ready SOOO fast!!! My hair appt's at around 3:15, and i'm getting picked up around 5:45...yah, only 2.5 hours 2 get my hair and nails done, plus get dressed and do my makeup n w/e. Luckily my dress DOES fit, so at least thats 1 less thing 2 worry about!! I fully intend 2 take TONS of pictures and stuff...and i'll prolly write about everything nxt wk sometime.

Saturday is the Student Council Carwash at Red Hot Inn on Leonard and the East Beltline from 11-3 pending the weather. BE in we are VERY poor and we need as many cars 2 wash as we can get...leave BIG donations 2!!

Sunday is my BIRTHDAY!!! Sweet 16....Happy bday 2 me!!

Sunday, May 22, 2005

Injustice.....and a nice day.

I read the saddest story 2day in the news!! This girl in Texas had anorexia the summer before her junior year, and was out getting treated for the first about 3 weeks or so. Her school has a rule that you can't win scholastic honors (i.e. valedictorian) if you aren't enrolled w/i the first 20 days of the year. Since this girl was in treatment, she didn't make the deadline, but soon after was enrolled. She's been in the school system since kindergarten and at the top of her class for just as long. Since she wasn't enrolled in time to meet the deadline however, she can't be valedictorian of her class this year. The 2nd person says the victory is hollow for him, and wants the school to reconsider. The school is offering her an honorary valedictorian title she's not sure she's going to accept. She says she doesn't need it to make her feel accomplished. You can check the whole article out at I just think its really sad she doesn't get the title of valedictorian she really does deserve.

I think today has quite easily been one of the most gorgeous we've had all year!! It was sunny and clear and PERFECT for laying out!! With Banquet fast approaching (NEXT FRIDAY!!!), I made use of the sun's rays to try to get rid of my horrid tan lines from spring break...they're getting there. I'm nearly ready for said banquet.....i've just gotta get my dress all fixed, n its sposta b done by thursday.....definently cutting it a ltl close, i know!!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Night of "Fun"

The spring night of music at good old PCHS was 2night. The junior high band and choir that sound like utter crap, the songs that go on for about 3 hours to long, the choir people who start laughing hysterically for no apparent reason, the occasional LOUD wrong note...its a good time. For some it was yet another page toward the end of their high school book. One such senior girl I talked to recalled events of previous such nights, saying how retarded it sounded that she was going to actually MISS those things. I remember a few years back making "snowflakes" out of programs and holding long drawn out conversations from the orchestra section with band members....we were severely reprimanded for our actions later on, but it was definently worth it!! Are these music nights a universal thing? Does everyone dread, but at the same time anticipate playing their instruments or singing in front of family and friends? Oh well, it was probably the last one I'll be playing in was good while it lasted.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Friends from Abroad

Reading Scarlett's post reminded me of when the Miskins first came to Grand Rapids. Our class was exited but apprehensive, not sure what to expect of someone from South Africa, a place virtually unknown to us. My first impression was oh, ok...and not much beyond that!! I do remember saying to someone OH MY GOODNESS, i LOVE his accent...still do actually:-) As far as the strange questions, i don't really remember anyone asking Gordon weird stuff, but you nvr know with the guys. I remember him giving a speech in Geography, saying that in south africa, people did NOT run around in leopard print bikinis eating animal bones, or something to that affect. It was at that speech i think i really gave Gordon more than a passing glance, thinking hmm, that was pretty cool, i wonder what he's like. I also remember more recently him telling us about the scar on his hand. He said he was stabbed back in South Africa by someone who was trying to rob him, but he fought the man off. Keep in mind that Gordon is a master story teller, and I ALMOST believed him!! Gordon has been a good friend of mine, even though we've drifted apart. The Miskin family is one that will long stay in our memories here in Grand Rapids, even if and when someday they aren't here with us anymore.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Reasonably Good Time

Yes, me and my friends DID manage to find something to do last night. We went to Spaans' house and the guyz played bball in the pouring rain, then we went inside and played pool and playstation. A ltl b4 6 we left for B-dubs (aka BW's aka Buffalo Wild Wings) to watch the Pistons/Pacers game. We BARELY got a table!! Since we had over an hour before the 7 o'clock game we played BS for awhile...VD was the only one who could RLY tell if i was BS-ing:-) The first 3 quarters were disgraceful, but the last 4 minutes of the game made up for it...the pistons ended up losing, but at least the whole game wasn't boring!! We did have to spend money, but since I had $2 to my name, i do owe ppl money now. Supper wasn't too bad, the wings were a ltl lacking in meat though. All in all it was a fun comes the question of WHAT DO WE DO NEXT WEEK???

That being said, today I went shopping with my mom and sisters. Suffice it to say that although shopping with mom has its benefits in that SHE buys stuff, shopping with friends is FAR more enjoyable!! I got a purse to go with my banquet dress...i found shoes that i LOVED, but sadly $70 is out of my price range!!

This is turning into one of those boring journal things that no1 rly cares about....i've GOT to think of some better topics of dicussion!!!

Friday, May 13, 2005

The Weekend

What is it about the end of the week that causes everyone to feel the great need to go out and do something? I, for one, experience this urge by about Wednesdays lately!! School's just getting old, and I think we're ALL ready for some time off!! The problem with wanting to go out and do something on Friday nights is that we can never think of anything to go out and DO!! I personally am TOTALLY broke, and this is the case for most of my friends. What exactly is there out there that we can do without spending a whole lot of money?? The weather isn't supposed to be nice, so we can't really plan on doing anything outside. Inside, however, there isn't really that much to do that's free!! Bowling is a good $10, same with laser tag. We don't normally go to movies, and even if we did those cost money too. PARTY partying isn't really an option at all, so that's out. What else can a bunch of 15 and 16 year olds do that's cheap and legal? Let me know if you have any ideas!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

A New Beginning

When I was thinking out loud on John's blog that i needed to get my own , i wasn't really planning on acting on it. Upon clicking on the "get you own" blog link, i discovered that it was quite easy to get a blog and decided to do just that. I have no idea how long this will last, but if i can think of stuff to write, it might be a lot of fun!! You guyz'll hafta give me lots of ideas n whatnot...but I'm sure no matter what i write I'll never measure up to some of the brilliant journals and blogs and stuff out there. Oh well, we'll give it a try!!